1st Sergeant William Evans
1st Sgt. William Evans
Rank 1st Sergeant
Status KIA, June 6,1944
Actor Simon Pegg

1st Sergeant Williams Evans

William was born in Texas on July 21st 1910, he lived in Houston,Texas. In spite of his draft deferment due to his job in a war-critical industry, he enlisted anyway at Fort Sam Houston(San Antonio),Texas, on August 19, 1942 ,in order to spare his brothers (who were young fathers) from being drafted. He volunteered for the Airborne,and worked with headquarters, stationed at Camp Toccoa, Georgia as Captain Herbert Sobel's first sergeant.

1st Sgt. Bill Evans died on 6 June 1944, on the same plane with 1st Lieutenant Thomas Meehan. The plane was shot down by enemy fire and crashed.


  • Alongside with 1stLt. Meehan, Evans is the first named character to die in the series.

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