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Lt. Henry Jones
2nd Lieutenant James L. Diel-0
Rank Lieutenant
Status Deceased as of 1947
Nickname "Sir" (by the soldiers)
Actor Colin Hanks

Lieutenent Henry Jones (1922 - 1947) was an officer who served in the 101st Airborne during WWII.


A graduate of West Point Academy Class of 6/6/1944; Jones first arrived at easy after the Battle of the Bulge at Hagenau, France. The officer was a replacement leader for second platoon. He is quickly dismissed by the other troopers simply for being inexperienced so far as Captain Winters not allowing him on the patrol despite his desire to go until he realises he needs an officer on the patrol due to regulations. This leads him to form a quick - yet respect only - bond with Private Webster, who is also being dismissed by the troopers for not being at Bastogne the previous year due to a foot injury.

In the Band of Brothers miniseries, Lieutenant Jones conducts the 'Last Patrol' with 14 other paratroopers from the 101st. However in reality, Jones did not take part in the patrol nor did Webster.

More historical inaccuracies exist throughout the episode such as the brawl between Private Cobb and a few other paratroopers. A brawl like this happened but did not happen between these particular men.

While on the patrol, Jones spends much of the time at the back with a few others behind cover. As they run back, he blows the whistle to signify they need covering fire from the machine gunners on the other side. Once back, he helps calm the troopers down when left alone with them along with Webster.

After successfully carrying out this patrol, Jones is sent up to regiment to focus on staff priorities as well as being promoted to 1st Lieutenant for what he did at the patrol.

After the war, he wasn't discharged and remained in Germany, Jones never did return to America. He died after an operation after an automobile accident in Berlin whilst still working there. He was 25 years old.

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