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M3 Grease GunEdit

The M3, commonly known as the Grease Gun,

is a
M3 Grease

The M3 Grease Gun

submachine gun that shoots a .45 ACP round,used in the Thompson and Colt M1911 pistol.

The Grease Gun was manufactored to replace the Thompson, as it was cheaper, simplier, and more compact than the Thompson. The Grease Gun earned its nickname through the garage tool grease gun.


The Grease Gun was a project that started in 1942. American designers were looking to create a submachine gun similar to the British Sten Mk. 2 and German MP40. The gun was licensed by the Guide Lamp section of General Motors, who manufactor car parts. The gun was designed Submachine gun Cal. 45 M3. The gun shot slower than the Thompson, but this made it more accurate, it was also, smaller, with an adjustable stock, and a completely simple system. The M3 was equipped with a 30 Round box magazine, and could also have an attached flash suppressor. The gun was soon after called the Grease Gun. A rather unique feature of the Grease Gun was that it could convert to German 9mm rounds, used in the German submachine guns. By 1944, the M3 was simplified again, by removing the cocking handle, and instead, added a small notch hole inside the bolt. This new Grease Gun was the M3A1. The Grease Gun series was most popular with the Airborne units, mainly for its compactness, unlike the Thompson. By the end of World War II, around 600,000 Grease Guns were manufactored. The Grease Gun continued service all throughout Korea and Vietnam. The Grease Gun has been seen even during the Gulf War and the US dropped the M3 Grease Gun by 1992. But, the Phillipines have adopted it in 2004, and is still in service.

Band of BrothersEdit

The M3 Grease Gun is seen as the M3A1 Grease Gun, mainly for its lack in the cocking handle. It is very rarely seen in the series, first being seen in Part 4 "Replacements". It is only seen in the hands of Pvt. Roy Cobb. It is also seen firing in Parts 5 and 7. Still seen in the hands of Roy Cobb. It has a relatively slow fire rate, but Cobb seems to be fairly accurate with the weapon.


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