Private John A. Janovec was a Replacement in Easy Company who was assigned to the unit in its latter stages. He never saw much combat. A virile soldier, he was once caught having sex with a German woman by Captain Speirs, who chose to overlook the matter.

Later, while in a convoy going through Germany, Janovec was relating a news story to Sergeant George Luz about why they were fighting the Germans, quoting that "It seems the Germans are bad", which caused a sarcastic Luz to relay the gist of the article to Sergeant Frank Perconte.

Janovec was killed in a Jeep accident after being relieved by Private David Webster. Janovec and Webster were guarding a crossroad checkpoint, checking the papers of all passing soldiers and German civilians. 

 Buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Forest Park, Illinois. 

Chicago Tribune 1/20/1949 Abstract  Pfc. John A. Janovec, Co. E., 506th Parachute Inf., 101st Div., died 5/16/1945, in Saalfelden, Austria, late of 2535 Forest av., No. Riverside, Ill., son of Suzie and the late Anton Janovec, brother of Bessie Triska, Wilma Motis, Irene Baker, and Antoinette. Resting at No. Riverside Village Hall. Services Sat., 1/22, 2:30 p.m. Interment Woodlawn.