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Private John A. Janovec
Pfc john janovec
Rank Pvt
Status K.I.A
Actor Tom Hardy
 Private John A. Janovec was a Replacement in Easy Company who was assigned to the unit in its latter stages. He never saw much combat. A virile soldier, he was once caught having sex with a German woman by Captain Speirs, who chose to overlook the matter.

Later, while in a convoy going through Germany, Janovec was relating a news story to Sergeant George Luz about why they were fighting the Germans, quoting that "It seems the Germans are bad", which caused a sarcastic Luz to relay the gist of the article to Sergeant Frank Perconte.

Janovec was killed in a Jeep accident after being relieved by Private David Webster. Janovec and Webster were guarding a crossroad checkpoint, checking the papers of all passing soldiers and German civilians. 

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