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Denver Randleman


Operation Market Garden

"Replacements" is the 4th Episode of Band of Brothers. It follows the accounts of Easy Company landing in Holland for Operation Market Garden with a batch of brand new replacements. It follows the point of view of Sgt. Bull Randleman.


After relaxing on leave in England, Easy company returns to combat with several new replacements and along with veteran soldiers. However, can Easy company maintain the reputation they achieved on D-day and will Sergeant Bull Randlemen be able to survive on his ownin occupied Holland?


Easy Company is finally relieved from the Battle of Normandy, and in Aldbourne, England, Easy Company is having a party, where four new replacements are attending. Private First Class Edward J. "Babe" Heffron, Private James W. Miller, Private Lester Hashey and Private Antonio C. "Tony" Garcia. Miller, Hashey and Garcia are assigned to Sergeant Denver "Bull" Randleman's squad. 1st Lieutenant Lynn D. "Buck" Compton, Heffron, Technician 4th Grade George Luz, Sergeant William J. "Bill" Guarnere and Sergeant Joseph D. "Joe" Toye are playing darts. Guarnere decides to talk with the new recruites. Guarnre tells them about Doris, who is a girl who sent a letter for Heffron, the day they where about to jump somewhere in France, where Heffron saw a pinup girl where it said "Darling Doris".

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