William Heister Dukeman Jr was a paratrooper that served in Easy Company 506th Paratrooper Invantry Regiment and the 101st Airborne Division, he was close friends to John Martin and Frank Peconte and Albert Blithe and Everett Gray. A character based on him was portrayed in the miniseries Band of Brothers.

Early Childhood.Edit

William Heister Dukeman Jr was born in Strasberg, Colorado (Living Springs Ranch) in September 3rd 1921, Together with 3 brothers (Herry, Charles and Cles) and a sister (Mildred Christine) they are part of a family that was founded by Gertrude Nordow and William Heister Dukeman Sr.

William Heister Dukeman Jr, got the nickname and at the same time the clamour name "Bud". It wasn`t unusual to have a nickname in the USA. Possibly the nickname "Bud" was ideal since his father had the same names as his son. Remarkable and Yet real unclear was, why the mother of Bud (Gertrude Dukeman-Nordow) deliberately started that Bud was born on September 3rd of 1922 instead of 1921.

In Strasburg, Bud went to school until the entire family moved to Keenesburg (Colorado) in 1929. In Keenesburg he continued school and successfully passed his education halfway the year 1939. It was in the summer of that year that he, together with Everett Gray and two other good friends, left to see more of the world. They traveled approximately 453 miles to the South West. After this distance they arrived in a small city called Albuquerque, in New Mexico. Here they found Jobs, what helped them a lot since they started to run out of money. As a result of the depression, finding and keeping a job became a problem, which Bud also started to experience, so Dukeman and Everett went to join the Airborne Division.



William Hester Dukeman in real life.

He trained at Camp Taccoa by Captain Sobel, while there he became good friends with John Martin, Frank Perconte and Albert Blithe. After their training was complete, and after the paractice jumps he then went on to complete his parachute training. He would later move to Camp Mackall for some basic trainning. Later that year, Easy were shipped overseas, staging in Aldbourne England for more basic trainning. William Dukeman dropped on D-Day and became separated from Easy Company. He was wounded in the chin when he was struck by enemy fire.

He took part in the battle of Carentan where Easy Company took the town. He also partook in the battle at Bloody Gulch, where he survived. Dukemane later took part in 'Operation: Market Garden' and also landed in Holland, he also took part in the battle for Nuenen. During a night patrol at a crossroads in Holland (where, the day later, Easy Company defeated two German companies), Dukeman was killed when a group of germans, hidden in a culvert under the dike-road, fired a rifle grenade at him.

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